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The Mouse Ran up the Clock - Mini Essentials Pouch

The Mouse Ran up the Clock - Mini Essentials Pouch

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This retro-style, nursery rhyme themed pouch features clocks and mice on an orange background. It can be used to hold your driver's license and/or a small tube of lip balm.

It measures approximately 3" by 4" (7.5 cm by 10 cm). The internal measurement are approximately 2.5" by 3.5" (6.3 cm by 9 cm).

Made from cotton fabric, insulation, a steel key ring, a swivel clip, and a steel snap. The placement of the fabric pattern may vary.

** Never leave your lip gloss in a hot car. It will melt eventually. Much like a lunch bag, the lip gloss holder adds some protection against summer heat, but it cannot protect its contents from prolonged exposure to heat.

*** Lip gloss and card are shown for scale but are NOT included.

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