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Dragon in Knots

The Lady of the Forest - Tall Lip Gloss Holder

The Lady of the Forest - Tall Lip Gloss Holder

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Elegant dresses float between the eerily barren trees of the forest. White bunnies hop madly as if chased by something unseen. If you are very patient, you may see the faint wisp of a ghost.

This spooky pouch is made with pink and black cotton fabric, insulation, a key ring and swivel clip, and a metal snap. It measures approximately 3" by 5.25" (7.5 cm by 13 cm). The internal measurement are approximately 2.5" by 5" (6.3 cm by 12.5 cm). The placement of the fabric pattern may vary.

* Lip gloss not included.

** Never leave your lip gloss in a hot car. It will melt eventually. Much like a lunch bag, the pouch adds some protection against summer heat, but it cannot protect its contents from prolonged exposure to heat.

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