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Mutant Fruit Coasters - Set of 4 - Dragon in Knots - Coasters

Mutant Fruit Coasters - Set of 4

$ 20.00

An accident occurred at the orange grove. Rumors say GMO fruit, plutonium, and non-dairy creamer were involved.


Liven up your home with this set of 4 coasters in gloriously vibrant, if somewhat unnatural, colors. This set includes one coaster each in cyan blue, pink, magenta, and purple.

Each coaster is approximately 4.5” in diameter [11.4 cm], a little on the large side in order to handle both large and small glasses!

Lovingly crocheted and hand-stitched with vibrant cyan blue, rich purple, neon pink, magenta, and white acrylic yarn. Handmade in USA of American-made yarn.

When necessary, hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

* Glasses are not included.

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