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Checkout Slips Lipgloss and Card Pouch - Anne of Green Gables

Checkout Slips Lip Gloss and Library Card Pouch - Anne of Green Gables

$ 10.00

This little pouch is made from a white fabric, featuring the checkout cards from assorted classic books; such as Anne of Green Gables, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and Metamorphosis.

This is a wider version of our lip balm case, so you can tuck a library card or other little necessities inside with your lip balm. Alternatively, you can use it to hold business cards. The key ring allows you to attach it to your keys.

This lip gloss pouch is made with cotton fabric, "lunch bag" insulation, a steel key ring, and a metal snap. It measures approximately 3" by 4" (7.5 cm by 10 cm). The internal measurement are approximately 2.5" by 3.5" (6.3 cm by 9 cm).

* Lip gloss not included.

** Never leave your lip gloss in a hot car. It will melt eventually. Much like a lunch box, the lip gloss pouch adds some protection against summer heat, but it cannot protect its contents from prolonged exposure to heat.

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