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Au Courant Passport Holder - Dragon in Knots handmade accessory

Au Courant Passport Holder

$ 10.00

The white on dark blue fabric of this snap pouch looks like a bunch of hashtags collided and fell apart.

This pouch can be used to protect your passport and keep your travel papers together while you are on a trip. It can also be used for everyday purposes, like keeping chargers and cords organized in your briefcase or backpack.

This pouch measures about 5.25" by 5.75" [13.5 cm by 14.5 cm]. The interior measurements are approximately 5" by 5.25" [12.5 cm by 13.5 cm].

Made with navy blue cotton fabric, interfacing, and a metal snap.

*** Passport not included, obviously.

Why a passport pouch, instead of a passport cover?

When traveling internationally, especially going to the United States, you may be asked security questions, such as "Who packed your bags?" Security people place stickers on the back of passports to keep track of who has been questioned already. If you have a cover on your passport, they will require you to remove it for this purpose, which is a hassle. A pouch protects the passport from getting mangled in your bag, but also allows for easy removal to speed up the security process.

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